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chirurg plastyczny, chirurgia plastyczna

zmniejszenie piersi, operacje rekonstrukcyjne piersi, plastyka ud, liposukcja, usuwanie znamion


    Head and facial surgeries:

    • rhinoplasty (nose reconstruction)
    • chin liposuction (removal of excess chin adipose tissue)
    • correction (reshaping) of protruding ears
    • blepharoplasty (upper and lower eyelid reshaping)
    • facelift

    Breast surgeries    [Motiva]    [Mentor]

    • breast uplift surgery
                  (correction of breasts that lack substance or firmness)
    • breast augmentation
    • breast size reduction
    • breast reconstruction
    • niple-areola modeling
    • augmentation by autologousfat transfer

    Abdomen and thigh surgeries

    • abdominoplasty (panniculectomy, abdominal lipectomy, tummy tuck)
    • thigh lift cosmetics surgeries
    • buttock lift cosmetics surgeries

    Liposuction - reduction of adipose tissue in the area of:

    • abdomen
    • thighs and lower legs
    • shoulders
    • hips
    • buttocks

    Fat transplantation to fill grooves, wrinkles and others

    Other surgical procedures

    • Excision of naevilesion
    • Correction of scars and tattoos
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